View Full Version : Tarptents in Cold Weather?

01-16-2007, 17:40
I'm planning for a southbound thur-hike starting June 1st. I'd consider myself a moderate light-weighter, so I'm seriously looking at the tarptent. How does this hold up in the cold, wet weather I'll probably see at the beginning of my hike?

01-16-2007, 17:45
I have a Tarptent and love it. Tt holds up very well in all weather conditions. Thing to remember is be sure to seam-seal the stitching. The tents are single wall (all I think are) so it is decent at breathability. So condensation build-up isn't too bad.

Johnny Swank
01-16-2007, 18:31
I think you'll be fine. Your condition will be similar to an earlier start down south, and plenty of folks start with tarptent with no problems.

Congrats for joining the dark side!