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01-17-2007, 01:41
OK so I haven't gotten hardly anything as for clothes yet. Here what I was thinking of bring along (I am leaving beginning of April):
1. Underwear (3 pair)
2. Sock (3 pair)
3. Shirts (2)
4. Nylon pants/shorts (1)
5. Mid-weight long underwear (top and bottom)
6. Rain jacket
7. Fleece vest (for cold weather to wear under jacket and over shirt and long underwear).
8. Hat and Gloves.

Did I leave anything out or added to much?:-? :confused:

Jim Adams
01-17-2007, 03:10
leave the underware home. maybe pack a microfleece top. with your current list, you will have a few cold moments.

Chaco Taco
01-17-2007, 15:53
How long, Thru or section?

Chaco Taco
01-17-2007, 15:56
Ok nevermind, scratch my last. I agree, leave the underwear, doesnt really do you any favors but give you wedgies. Your long johns will take care of ya.

01-17-2007, 16:03
That's a whole lot of clothing... But it depends so much on whether you are cold-natured or not, and how warm your sleeping system is.

Here's what I finished with last week:
1. Bra-1
2. Socks-1 pair for day wear, 1 pair for sleeping
3. Shirts-1 for day wear, 1 to keep dry/sleep in
4. Tights-1 for day wear, 1 for keeping dry/sleeping in
5. Silnylon rain suit--top and bottom
6. Hats-1 for day wear, 1 to keep dry/sleep in
7. Gloves-1 pair for day wear, 1 to keep dry
8. Fleece jacket and fleece pants
9. Neck gaiter

For winter use, I had a Raku sleeping bag, which substituted for a down jacket or insulated vest. The fleece pants and daytime tights are also for winter use only--in summer I wore shorts.

The thing about clothing is to start out with what you think you'll be comfortable in. You can always send stuff home, or buy more along the way.

01-17-2007, 16:18
I'd take three pair of socks in case one gets wet.. or two get wet....

01-17-2007, 18:21
I keep a pair of medium weight wool based long
johns,pair of wool socks,and a stocking cap rolled
up in the sleeping bag itself to change into to
sleep in drywear.Will add a pair of gloves to that list.
I would carry a spare pair of pants in case you mess
up your main pair.You could get by with only one shirt.
I would add fleece jacket and pants to the list in question
that started this thread and use the rain suit as the outer shell.
You can never put on clothes that you did not pack.