View Full Version : regarding female hikers

07-05-2003, 16:35
although it doesn't apply to me now, however, i always wondered how women deal with their monthlies while hiking the trail

07-05-2003, 18:58
Lots of ziploc bags, extra toilet paper, and I carried scraps of foil to wrap up the garbage in. It's not the BEST time you'll have on the trail, but it can be managed just like you manage it in everyday life if you are diligent about washing and packing waste products carefully.

07-05-2003, 21:23
Yes, what Jumpstart says is correct. You'll need to pack out your soiled stuff, just like you pack out your trash. You can use antibacterial wipes to clean yourself also. Of course, pack them out as well.
I've heard of something called a "Keeper" that women can use for this purpose; apparently, you insert it and it catches the flow; any other women know where you can find out more about this? Personally, I'm not bothered with it; I'm content packing out soiled stuff, etc.
Never put soiled sanitary products in a privy.

07-06-2003, 01:23
you can find out more about the keeper at www.keeper.com. they also have a newer, cheaper product called the divacup. i own 2 keepers but have never used them while backpacking. it takes a few cycles to get the hang of but does come in handy when one may run out of more conventional methods.