View Full Version : First SOBO thru-hiker this year

07-07-2003, 14:29
The first southbound thru-hiker of the year was at the Upper Goose Pond cabin Saturday night. His name is Wandering Goat and he started May 15. Had an interesting story about Baxter park. He had made arrangements to climb Katahdin on May 1 this year, but when he arrived was told he'd have to wait until May 15. So he went into the 100 mile wilderness and waited around for 2 weeks. Went back to Baxter and was now told he'd have to wait until Memorial Day. He was tired of waiting so started hiking southbound. Says he probably won't bother to go back and do Katahdin since he's not a purist anyway. Had quite a bit of snow in Maine (in the woods, not above T-line) and just postholed it. Broke a frame pack by falling into a hole in the snow. When we saw him, he'd just spent 3 days in Boston for the 4th of July (fireworks, etc) and seemed kind of confused.

07-09-2003, 10:58
He ooops'ed on Baxter. You just cannot count on climbing that mountain until the snows clear. The snows took a LONG time to clear this year and there was a lot of snow. The meticulous regulation of Baxter State Park and the deep snows that sometimes build up in New England are very real, practical limitations on when you can start a southbound thru-hike.

07-14-2003, 23:15
I ran into him the morning of 6/24 on Cube Mtn. He had already done about 5 miles by 730am from Ore Hill and was grunting and groaning up the mtn. He was talking of a 37 mile day into Hanover. Darn crazy SOBOS.....:)
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