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07-09-2003, 17:12
I received this information from a backcountry mailing list: A large, reddish color male Golden Retriever by the name of "Max" is missing; he is believed to be somewhere along the NC-Tenn. state lines. He has no collar, but he DOES belong to someone and is very badly missed!! If you see this dog, please call: 423-743-1955. Thank you!!

07-11-2003, 14:05
How did the dog get lost?

If the person who owns him is a hiker on the AT, then they rather badly betrayed their dog by not making sure it had a secure collar and good name tags. Furthermore, it is incredibly irresponsible to hike with a dog off lead. If you are going to bring a dog on a thru-hike, you need a good leash and to spend some time in obedience school with the dog to ensure it will stay with you and come to call immediately if it should get off lead.

I've been bowled off my feet by poorly trained dogs off lead. I had dogs once that were poorly trained and they threatened to bowl people over on the trail off lead (my then wife was laboring under a wide range of delusions regarding dogs, and I let her entertain them because fighting with her was a waste of time. At the time I would have rather answered a lawsuit than fought with her. Divorce was a very good thing.)

In 1995 I knew thru-hiker who hiked with her dog off-lead (I don't believe she even carried a leash). Her dog ran off and shed it's pack (to be permanently lost in the woods) on two occasions that I know of. The hiker blamed poor pack design. I blamed poor hiker thinking. BTW, the dog was a really friendly, loving dog, just completely untrained and unsupervised over large portions of the day.

A bit of a hobby horse of mine, I'm afraid.

07-11-2003, 14:18
What a load of Crappola!!! All the guy did was post a notice that somebodys dog was missing,which is a pretty decent thing to do if you ask me!! We really could do without these Holier than thou rants!! What does it matter how the dog got lost ?? It dont matter how well trained a dog is sometimes they will run off!!! Sheesh!! Streamweaver