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07-10-2003, 13:56
I use a Hennessy Hammock but I am always cold in it. I intend to take a lightweight foam pad with me next time I go out. I have a very wide 1/4" pad from Oware and I also have a 22" wide foam pad I got at REI. I have not tried either one yet. Are there any cold sleepers out there who use a Hennessy Hammock that have any suggestions or reccomendations? I am interested in a storebought-lightweight solution.

07-10-2003, 19:55
The 1/4" pad will probably be comfy around 50-55F with a good bag on top of you. You could probably combine this with your other pad to go down even cooler. If the other pad is thicker, consider cutting it down to 3/4 length or so, since your legs typically don't get as cold (don't compress your bag as much). I'd suggest that your first line of defense start with a "reflectix" type of pad. Many people use a cheap car windshield sunscreen for this. This consists of reflective mylar and bubble wrap sandwiched together. The comination provides a vapor/wind barrier, stops radiant heat loss below you, and the air bubbles provide insulative value as well (and also serve as the air space that allows the radiant reflector to work). Most hammock users seem to use this as their primary bottom insulation and add to it as the weather demands. The sunscreen will eventually condensate at colder temps, but this is solved by adding more insulation under it (foam pad). You'll usually feel cold by that point and want the extra insulation, anyway.

I'd recommend searching the forum, since there has been plenty of discussion on the matter. You might also search backpacking.net's forums (http://backpacking.net/forum), too.

Other links include:
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07-11-2003, 05:02
aside from a good pad, expedition weight fleece helps a lot.

if ya want a good cold weather solution thats store bought look at the exped down air mattress. not cheap but known to work.

07-11-2003, 06:18
I've tried the Oware pad in my hammock but I was not real happy with it - the pad has a "grabby" surface texture to it that made it difficult to adjust position in the hammock. What I use for summer is a full length blue 1/2 inch closed cell pad from Walmart with some of the Oware pad (a couple 6 inch strips about 24 inches long) duct taped to the blue pad to make "wings" that come up around my shoulders.