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01-25-2007, 17:11
I think i have everything i need.

In preparation for my 3/1/07 start date i have packed my bag with everything but food and water. Here is a list of what it contains, Let me know what you think!


Osprey Atmos 50


Hennessey Hammock ULB
TNF Orion 20^ Bag
Coleman CCF 1/2" (trimmed to fit INSIDE bag)
Emergency Blanket
9x9 Tarp
2 Stakes
Size 2 Snakeskins
72" Tree Huggers


MSR Ti Kettle
MSR Ti Mug
Beercan Stove
Fuel Bottle (20oz coke wrapped with 10'Duct tape, half full)
Brunton Folding Ti Spork
Matches (backup)
1oz Liquid Soap
.5oz Bleach
1/4 Sponge
Pot Koozie
2L Platyus Water Bladder


Marmot Thermal Top (mid wt)
Marmot Thermal Bottom (mid Wt)
Target Brand Thermal top (light wt)
patagonia Thermal Bottom (light wt)
Golite Wicking Tshirt
REI Running shorts
Moonstone Chagga Jacket
Marmot Precip Rain pants
REI rain jacket
3 pr Smartwool socks
Fleece gloves
MTN HDW Fleece hat
Montrail Hardrock Trail Runners


Tikka XP Headlamp
Canon a540 Camera
50' Bear Rope
Travel Toothbrush
Pocket Knife
1st Aid Kit
Micro Radio
Razor Blade
AT Data Book
Leki poles
Pack Cover
Toilet Paper
Spice Kit

I Hope this will work.

Johnny Swank
01-25-2007, 17:25
Looks good, but I think your going to need more insulation under your hammock if you plan to hang every night in the beginning. If you're going to the ground or in a shelter, the pad you have will work OK.

mountain squid
01-25-2007, 17:29
Looks pretty good.

Additional thoughts:

another water holder, 2L might not be enough - maybe a hydration system, also?
water dipper
hand sanitizer
sun screen
needle for blisters
what is the razor blade for?
AT data book only - what about maps/Companion/Wingfoot?
food stuff sack

Otherwise, you might have too many thermal things. You not gonna wear them at the same time are you?

Don't forget an ID, some cash, ATM/credit cards, also.

Good Luck, See you on the trail,
mt squid

Old Grouse
01-25-2007, 17:30
Compass, & maybe a small unbreakable mirror?

01-25-2007, 17:49
Compass, & maybe a small unbreakable mirror?

compass and mirror???

if the idea of the razor blade is for blisters, just use your pocket knife, the blade isn't going to be any less sanitary.

you'll want at least 3L water capacity. though 90% of the Trail you'll be fine with two, you'll still hit some stretches where you'll want more.

could ditch one of the extra bottoms.

some sunscreen could save you from a burn on your neck.

don't need the bleech if you've already got AquaMira.

all the best on your hike.

Jack Tarlin
01-25-2007, 19:12
Good list, and some good suggestions so far.

Real quick:

*I think you'll want more than just a data book; most folks find the
information in The Thru Hikers Companion or Thru Hikers Handbook to
be invaluable.

*I'd add a small repair kit: Needles, Thread, Duct Tape, Safety Pins

*Most folks like to have something non-Trail related to read

*I'd bring more than one bandanna

*Any camp shoes (Crocs? Sandals?)

*Extra batteries

*Definitely have more than 2L of water-carrying capacity

*I'd bring hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and sunglasses, but that's just me

*And I'd bring maps, definitely

01-25-2007, 19:19
carry another one litre platypus, compass, maps, bear bag? Gold bond powder...

01-25-2007, 19:31
Ear plugs for hostels, shelters and some motels are helpful.

01-25-2007, 19:36
You may never need to carry more than 2 liters of water, but you'll probably want more than that in camp at night. It's sometimes a long way down to the spring, and it's easier to go only once. I carry either a 4-L or 6-L Platy bag to collect and treat water for the night.

Why do you have both a Kettle and a Mug? If you are just heating water for boil-in-bag meals, the mug may be enough. (Oh, and if you are eating out of a bag, you might want to rethink the Spork. You don't want to wear your food.) If you are actually cooking and need both pots, take them. Ditch the sponge -- it'll get really nasty really fast. Go buy a mesh bag of onions or lemons at the supermarket, and cut an 8x8-inch piece of the nylon mesh to use as a scrubbie. It'll clean your pot, weighs nothing, and shakes dry.

Realize that your pad may not be wide enough to keep your shoulders warm. This depends on your size, of course. Just make sure you give it a good test all night in sub-20 temps.

Other than that, the list is good. Have fun.

01-31-2007, 14:19
Maybe some camp slippers and a small personal first aid Kit.