View Full Version : Going to start at Harpers Ferry in mid-May for flipflop.

Earl Grey
01-25-2007, 18:33
Id like to start in Georgia and do it like youre supposed to but the semster isnt over until May so Harpers Ferry is where im starting, go North to Katahdin then come south back to HF and go to Georgia. Will anyone be around at that time? Also what is the weather like around there then?

Jack Tarlin
01-25-2007, 18:40
There's no "way you're supposed to do it." What you've got planned will be just fine.....you'll have great company from West Virginia to Katahdin, and then again, you'll be hiking South with the Southbounders to Georgia.

You'll start in heat (insead of snow and cold like most Northbounders!); you'll finish at Katahdinin mid-summer, and you should have fine weather in the South for your second half; it may get a bit cold towards the very end, but it's nothing to be concerned about.

Have a great trip!

01-25-2007, 18:50
u could get a ride easily to Trail Days -May 18-19-20 2007, http://www.traildays.info/, and get a ride back to the trail easily also.

01-25-2007, 20:32
Hey we plan to be in the PA area in May (we are leaping over SNP and Northern VA as we've already done that section. We leave from Springer March 1st), so we might see you. We are hoping for a ride to Trail Days too from that area, even though it is a long ways down there.