View Full Version : Cumberland Trail Spring Trailbuilding Outings

01-25-2007, 20:52
Be sure to check out Tennessee's Cumberland Trail Spring Programs on the website:
Click the "Activities" button on the left side of the webpage.

So if you enjoy "giving back", helping build new trail, and enjoy meeting and working with other trailbuilders from all over the US, be sure to schedule some time this spring to help with the Cumberland Trail.

The Cumberland Trail needs your help!

04-11-2007, 17:34
Encouraged by the spectacular success of BreakAway 2007, the biggest and most ambitious ever, CTC has extended the new Spring Build (aka Big Dig North) Program to 50 days with planning underway for a new extended Fall Build Program this fall. The 2007 Spring Build will continue the shifting of trail building emphasis to the Smoky Mountain Segment, continuing the trail building efforts started during BreakAway 07 with the addition of trail maintenance and inventory work in the northern segments during the warmer last two weeks. The new Spring Build Program starts in mid-May to take advantage of cooler weather and to allow volunteers to observe more of the rapid changes of spring and the daily parade of wildflower and plant displays. Be sure to bring your camera!