View Full Version : ATTN Chocolate Bandit

01-27-2007, 17:48
Just wanted to thank the Chocolate Bandit for leaving treats for myself and hikernutt at Rock Gap shelter. Hikernutt is back home, but I found the note today. Unfortunately the treats had been stolen by another hungry hiker (or bear). Thanks anyways though!! If you're in the area, I'm back in Franklin and heading north from Winding Stair Gap tomorrow.

Fly By Mike
01-28-2007, 01:27
Damn.. I bet that chocolate was good too!

Chocolate Bandito
02-04-2007, 23:38
Just found your post. Very sorry you guys didn't get your treats. I kept trying to run into you all to do some trail magic, but between work and the forest service roads being closed, I couldn't make it happen. Thanx for saying thanx, though.:)