View Full Version : Day Before Springer: If anyone needs a ride to REI or the grocery store in Atlanta.

01-27-2007, 22:49
Hey Class of 2007,
Congratulations on your big adventure :)! I was just going to throw this out there as an open offer for last minute shopping. I live about a 2 blocks from the Lindbergh Marta station (about 4 or 5 stops from the end of the line at North Springs) and can give you a ride to either store.

REI is one exit away and the grocery store is just around the corner as well! I've got some denatured alcohol in the garage as well.

From there, you can hop back on the train and head toward hiker hostel or the hike.
If you're lucky and I don't have some work project, I can give you a lift to the Amicalola lot, which btw--You should hike the approach trail!

I haven't been that busy lately and would be glad to help out free-of-charge if you need some help!

If this is of interest just PM me. My wife and I would be glad to help you pick up something you might've forgotten. However, Walasi-yi is only a 4 days away and I don't want to take away from all their fun!

Thanks and I hope everyone has an INCREDIBLE trip!

NOTE: Currently, I'm not inviting folks to sleep over, but if you need to chill aka recuperate for a couple of hours before you get a move on that's not a problem.

Oh yes, not that I'd deliberately offend anyone, but I've been accused of being a part of the Jardine jihad and can tuckerize anyone's pack!.