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07-16-2003, 03:50
ive had this thought mulling round me noggin for a while.. so much so i dunno if i posted it or not...

but I'm thinking of taking a few extra days at the start to fly into atlanta from england to site-see...

whats good in atlanta to site-see? when i think atlanta, i think empty stadiums! :), nothing pops into my head as 'come visit me'....

open to suggestions??

Dances with Mice
07-16-2003, 09:18
(I hope this isn't posted twice, my first attempt disappeared in a cloud of electrons.)

Depends on what you're interested in.

Modern Stuff - Tour the CNN center and check out the news.

Historical Stuff - Guy from Atlanta, nonviolent sort, streets named after him all over the place, you might remember the U2 song. An interesting hike from downtown will get you to his memorial center. Worth the trip. It'll make you think.

Silly Stuff - Some soft drink company has a walk-through tour/museum/promotion/huge gift center. It'll make you thirsty for a cold, sugary drink. To work off your sugar high, go argue with the street preachers outside Underground Atlanta.

Natural Stuff - The Zoo is marvelous - no cages and natural enclosures. The best part are the several families of gorillas that forage for their food outside while people are enclosed in glass viewing areas. Kind of like the Smokies shelters but comfortable.

Southern Stuff - Outside of town a bit is Stone Mountain. Big carving and museums but mostly a great place to stretch your legs by climbing the trail to the top of the mountain. If you choose to go to the zoo, visit the Cyclorama next door.

Cultural Stuff - Buy a ticket to whatever is playing at the Fox Theater. Not the Sydney Opera House but worth seeing. It's like an outdoor theatre. Sort of. But inside. You'll see. It's on Peachtree Street, but ask directions to the Fox. Asking directions to Peachtree Street will get you hopelessly lost.

07-16-2003, 13:57
atlanta's a great place to explore. my favorite places are the High Museum, Atlanta Zoo, Fox theater and this awesome jazz club right next to the Fox called Churchhill Grounds. check out www.creativeloafing.com for more events going on when you'll be down south ~ have fun! ~~GND~~

07-16-2003, 14:09

07-16-2003, 16:42
Dude.....what are you thinking! You will go and watch the Braves play. It will be like a one-day cricket match ....but you can drink even more beer. It will be like bay13 in MCG!!!


07-16-2003, 17:57
Baseball?!?! I know it is our "past time" (whatever that means), but it has to be the most boring games to watch (and play). If it wasn't our "past time", and someone invented the game today, no one would play it. It would be a lower form of life than how we treat soccer today.

Gotta be something "better" to do. If all you get out of a game is drinking beer, go to a bar. At least you'll have a chance to make fun of the other drunks.

Dances with Mice
07-16-2003, 18:04
Baseball? You're kidding, right? Think about it, folks.

If he's starting his northbound hike from Georgia, he won't have a chance to take in a Braves game. Basketball, maybe. But who would fly across the Atlantic to see the Hawks?

07-16-2003, 18:22
I realised that as soon as I posted it! But man...this guy is an Aussie! Grown up on cricket. Baseball is super action compared to Cricket.


07-16-2003, 22:53
True, but they make up for it by having more exciting versions of football (american football).

07-17-2003, 06:45
ive never seen a baseball game. basketball bored me to tears. i like one day cricket matches... but.. I'd rather watch afl or rugby. Got any gaelic football teams over there in atlanta? :) :) :) i'm gonna try and get a lonely planet / rough guide for atlanta and mark some stuff off!

bay13 at the mcg? one days.. oh oh oh! the hill... aaah. i'll see if i can find next years fixture if its out to see when matches are on...

so much to try and cram into 2, 3 or 4 days extra...

Mike Drinkuth
07-18-2003, 11:44
I live here in atlanta.
A braves game actually IS a lot of fun, plus you'll get an idea of how many unbeliveable, beautiful ladies we have in our fair city. (don't mean to sound like a pig but it is true)

Stone mtn is a nice little leg strecher...pretty view from the top. If you go there see how many times you can go bottom to top without stopping and look for me...Stn Mtn is my training ground for the A.T. in 04 and these days I practically live there. I'm in the Green A.T. hat(yeah, i know...big trail nerd), green Dana Design pack.

Fox theatre is full of atl history. Good thing to check out.

Lots of good vibes at piedmont park on the weekends. It's atlanta's scaled down version of central park. Lots of nice folks to meet and talk to out there.
Also on Saturdays they do practice soccer and sometimes rugby, mate.

We have a ton of wonderful restaurants and bars.

Virginia Highlands is a little red light like district that's lots of fun.
Same goes for East Atlanta village, and Little Five Points. TONS of great music happening all around those spots after dark.

I would steer clear of buckhead unless you re into the whole college, macho, jock, jager shots and fist fights thing. Eh...once in a while is ok but...you get the idea.

Also don't bother with underground atlanta. Not real safe.

World of Coca Cola museam is cool.

Zoo is not to shabby, either.

Cool stuff also around Ga. Tech Univ. , Emory Univ. , and Ga. State.