View Full Version : A Hike to Maine

01-29-2007, 17:27
Looking for an AT partner do a section hike from Gatlinburg up to Maine. I have already done the section between Amicola and Gatlinburg. We could meet in Gatlinburg and start from Newfound Gap. Looking to leave first week in April. I live in Illinois, it takes me about 10 hours to get into Gatlinburg. I would prefer someone who doesn't want to sprint to Maine. I'm 42 and in pretty good shape. Male, Female, doesn't make a diff to me.

PJ 2005
01-29-2007, 22:36
that's one hell of a section!

Jim Adams
01-29-2007, 22:39
if you hit Newfound Gap on April 10 you will probably have 20-30 partners!

Chicken Feathers
01-30-2007, 23:15
if you hit Newfound Gap on April 10 you will probably have 20-30 partners!
Jim that was harsh word for a fellow hiker:(

Jack Tarlin
01-30-2007, 23:49
I don't think he meant to be harsh at all....fact is, there WILL be lots of people in the Smokies at that time, meaning that anyone who starts from Newfound then is going to have plenty of company.

Many, if not most Trail "partnerships" don't work out for one reason or another, the two main ones being that people discover they prefer to hike at different paces, and one guys is always either waiting for his partner to catch up, or if he's the slower guy, he ends up doing bigger miles than he wants to in order to catch up to his friend. And the other reason partnerships fail is people start driving each other absolutely crazy from spending too much time together.

So, Ficade, if you can't find a partner before April, don't worry overmuch about it. Start solo; you'll meet cool people each and every day and there's an excellent chance you'll find someone to hike with, if that's what you want.

(You also might discover you're doing just fine by yourself!)