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07-17-2003, 13:21
For the 2004 thru-hike i'm planning, i intend to complete the IAT as well (Maine to coast of Quebec Canada). While I am able to find tons of info on hiking the AT (where to do maildrops, detailed maps, expected weather, etc.) I can find very little info on the IAT. No detailed listings of the best maildrops. No detailed maps of the trail. Etc.

Anyone here done the IAT and if so could you direct me to websites with good, practical information on completing this hike?

TJ aka Teej
07-17-2003, 13:34

07-17-2003, 14:34
What about doing the ECT (Eastern Continental Trail) from Key West Florida to Canada?

Nimblewill Nomad did this trek in 1998. Check out his book, 10 Million Steps.


Good luck and happy hiking

TJ aka Teej
07-17-2003, 15:11
I seem to remember that JoJo Smiley did the ECT that year too :O)

07-17-2003, 16:04
The IAT is now very much under development. Because trails are being relocated off roads, and such, they have not published any sort of guidebook.

The best source of information is their web site.

A few people have done the IAT. Richard Anderson, the driving force behind the IAT can probably name them all without taking off his shoes to count.

07-17-2003, 16:52
Cool! Actually, i went to that website several months back and their online store said "under construction". I kept checking back for a couple weeks but still "under construction". Looks like they got it up and running now. thanks!