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squirrel bait
07-17-2003, 14:07
Here on the Outer Banks NC I am having the worst time finding methanol alcohol. Local K store and Wally World do nor carry it in the camping section. Any help is appreciated. I so want to try my new Cat stove.

07-17-2003, 14:17
Go to the automotive dept of wally world and look for yellow bottle Heet gas line de-icer (dry-gas) - I think yellow bottle is pure methanol. For denatured alcohol go to the paint department of wally world and look for either shellac thinner or denatured alcohol (same stuff) - it will work but is not pure methanol but rather a mix of ethanol and methanol - generally I prefer denatured but ...

squirrel bait
07-17-2003, 14:22
Wow can ya be anymore helpful. Thanks I sure will check it out.

squirrel bait
07-17-2003, 14:24
Hey Hog on Ice, is August to hot to hike North to south on the Shenandoah. Wanting to warm up slow.

07-17-2003, 16:06
Is there a hardware store or paint store on the Outer Banks? I'd look there for denatured alcohol.

07-17-2003, 21:39
August can be a bit tough to take but at least one is up on the ridge so the temps are down a little - low 90's/high 80's would be a good guess for typical August for daily high temps. Usually the questionable thing in August is water availability - by August typically a number of the springs are very slow or dry. This year however the springs probably will be better than usual - still may have some dry stretches but ... I think it would be OK. You might want to consider packing an extra liter of water over and above your usual just for a bit of protection. Of course if there are real problems it is also real easy to bail with Skyline Drive being typically so close to the AT - one common complaint of hikers on th AT in Shen is the difficulty of getting away from the sound of traffic especially motorcycles. The trail itself is in generally good shape and many of the thru's make very good time through Shen.