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stormin norman
07-17-2003, 22:43
This works well for me so I figured I would see if anyone else has tried it. It makes a nice thick hot soup and you only have to boil water, add the ingredients and let it sit a few minutes.

3 cup version of dried Lipton Chicken noodle soup
add a small amount of instant rice
a small can/bag of chicken

07-18-2003, 00:49
Forget the cans, hoping you are a camper that packs items in and out.
Pack it in, pack it out....right..

Buy Rammen Nooles, lots of packets, use spices in packets to flavor other dishes, if you do not like noodles,.

If you have the $$ buy Alpine Aire Freeze dried breakfast packets, personal experince Blueberry honey branola is yummy.

At any rate, for snackeroo's lunches, and if you are up to it.... supper,..... go heavy on carbs. especially while hiking. snack frequently on carbs while hiking, lots of water, always.

07-18-2003, 06:52
I used Lipton Cup Of Soup on my thru hike. I liked tomato and used it as a base. It comes in packets not cans so its a simple clean-up and pack-out job. I'd mix it with instant rice too or egg noodles (boiled with just enough water to add the soup when finished). I'd mix it with anything I had. A small amount of instant potato mix would thicken it up and make a tasty meal.