View Full Version : Hanging at the Pa. Ruck in 15 degrees

02-01-2007, 17:36
I just wanted to give a little trip report from the Pa. ruck. It was 15 degrees friday night very little wind. I was setup in my hh with the super shelter and nest on last. My tarp was not pitched to tight maybe 2.5 feet above my bug net. I was wearing smartwool socks,patagonia mid wt. tops and bottoms, a 200wt. fleese top and fleese balaca on my head.I used a wm 20 degree bag as a quilt. I went to bed at 12:15 after a few beers at the campfire. I sleept till about 6am my feet were a little cold, i had my cloths bag in with me so i took out a teck wick short sleeve shirt and put my feet in and they warmed instantly. fell back asleep till around 8:15. I had a little crystalized condentsation about the size of my hand on the bug netting near my head.This set up will go with me on march 27th for my thru. ,way better than a pad, and the hhss is only 13oz. ,3 oz heavier than a blue pad but way more comfortable. I may send my bag home in may and use the ss under and the nest as a quilt. I am very pleased and comfortable finally. I was the onlyone hanging friday night not sure about sat. as the guy i rode with had to leave sat. at 5pm so i had to go with him. Great food and company at the ruck.I was hoping for other hammockers to share with. i thought i would run into cheese wiz set up unles he came sat. as more people were arriving through out the day sat.:)

Ridge Rat
02-02-2007, 16:31
I was wondering what happened to the neighbors. I almost brought a hammock but I am thinking about selling it anyhow. Cheezewhiz was there saturday at the hostel. I dont know if he slept in the park though.