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squirrel bait
07-18-2003, 08:33
I live in NC and thought about walking the Shenandoad NP to start ramping up for 04 thru hike. HOI informed me that it might be quite hot in August. Anyone have an idea for a hike? Was going to take Amtrak to Harpers Ferry and walk south. I sure am open for your alls advice on where to walk. Late August and/or mid September.

07-18-2003, 09:47
i hike by grayson highlands every other weekend. its quite pleasant even now because of the relatively high altitude. i was going to go all the way from damascus to shenandoah national park for my section hike, but that was later than sept. i am curious about winter conditions in the south.(its considered south, isnt it?) if august/sept is considered 'hot'...when exactly does it get cold in these parts? having lived in new england, when i think winter, i am thinking blizzardy, snow dump kinda situation.

07-19-2003, 14:53
Here is a climate summary for Boone, NC at 3300 ft elevation. This would be in the ballpark for the weather on the southern portion of the AT (including SNP).


07-21-2003, 13:24
What about the JMT. I took us 14 days to the hour to hike from Yosemite Valley to Whitney Portal. The scenery is unbelievable and the trail offers relatively easy hiking. It is well graded for animals so the walking is very steady. We had no problems hiking 14-15 miles per day.

squirrel bait
07-21-2003, 20:31
Two questions. JMT, section of the trail? Is it busy in Sep?

07-22-2003, 09:26

John Muir Trail. It runs from Yosemite Valley to the top of Mt Whitney along the Sierra in CA. For the most part is runs congruently with the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) which goes from Mex. to Canada.

In late August it should be awesome though water may be an issue. All of the snow should have melted by then. The trail is a high country trail spending a good portion above treeline (10,000 ft)

It is much more remote than the AT so running into tons of people will not happen though you will find some. You will not cross a road from Toulomne Meadows on. There are a couple options for resupply along the way though most people choose to resupply at the 85 mile mark and then haul 9-10 days worth of food til the end. You'll never need to go this far on the AT w/o resupply except maybe in Maine depending on how fast you hike.

This is an awesome section of trail that I would recommend to anyone!

Check out http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/%7Erbell/johnmuir.htm

for more info

07-22-2003, 09:30
Sorry for posting again. Though you may want to see some pictures as well taken by one of my hiking buddies.

I'm the fool in the kilt


07-22-2003, 11:31
I've been hiking in north-central Virginia the last few years in mid-October, encountering stretches of 50-60 degree days with sub-40's some mornings and a smattering of 70+ degree days. All in all, quite pleasant for autumn hiking.

07-22-2003, 13:42
Damn it! Grimace now I'm going to have to quit my job. Those photos are amazing.

BTW, the thumbnail links on the "Day1" page all point to the first picture.