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07-18-2003, 13:56
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Drala Hiker
08-28-2004, 16:20
Stayed here on section hike, last week of July, 2004. Much rain that week. Area around this shelter is heavily overused. Privy is OK. Two sets of bear cables. Creek just downhill from shelter, has old concrete collection box for the spring, BUT, I saw flatworms swimming in the water - Filter your water here!The shelter: far more mice than any shelter between Dicks Creek Gap and Winding Stair Gap, at least on this trip. Nail holes in roof leaked considerably onto sleep platform during several thunderstorms - duct tape doesn't stick to wet tin, bring plumbers putty. Despite a log perimeter on the ground around the table area, heavy storms had runoff flowing over the uphill-side log into the table area - at least it's gravel. The storms did help keep the mice at bay.

Rain Man
08-28-2004, 22:20
Stayed here Sunday night, August 15, 2004. Nice enough shelter. Noticed that the covered picnic table area had been added on to the original structure, as had some boards on each side, presumably to block wind and rain. The spring box leaked out the bottom, which needs to be repaired with some concrete. There was no shelter register. I wish I had brought one to leave.

Was about 55 degrees at night.

I'll post a pic of the shelter.

Rain Man


07-31-2005, 00:27
Tent camped here last week on a section hike. Shelter looked ok, but was glad I tented as I heard from others that there were mice. The water was nice and close, but I, too, saw worms swimming around in the concrete collection box. (Eww.) There was lots of trash left in the fire pit when we arrived, so we burned as much as we could. The privy was missing a step, so you kinda had to swing yourself around and in from the side. After no bear cables the last few shelters, it was nice to have them here!

09-06-2007, 17:02
As of Labor Day weekend, '07, the shelter was in decent shape. The sleeping platform was clean but the table was kinda ratty.

It has a bear line, plenty of tenting space nearby, and is very close to the trail....

07-13-2008, 20:56
Stayed there last week.

Worms still in water collection box, but water was flowing nicely.

Plenty of tent camping area.