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Cedar Tree
07-18-2003, 14:14
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the picture of the 2000 thruhikers made at Trail Days 2001?


Check out my new Pack:


Thanks, Cedar Tree

07-18-2003, 16:25
I was there in the picture, and had a bunch of photos taken with my camera as well. None of them came out when the roll of film was developed. If you find a copy, I'd be grateful for one too.

Little Bear
GA-ME 2000
[email protected]

Mike Drinkuth
07-19-2003, 08:07
Cool pack design!
Have you tried stringing it up to sleep in yet? Is it comfy?
It looks kinda restricting.

Cedar Tree
07-19-2003, 10:32
Thanks, I've spent lots of time lounging in the Strapolounger, but have not slept an entire night yet, mainly because it is too dang hot in Georgia right now. Other early comments have also mentioned it looking restricting or confining, but to me it is infinitely LESS restricting than a regular hiker's hammock. First, it basically has a 1 foot by 6 foot FLAT sleeping area. It requires 2 trees of at least 1 foot in diameter because the straps go around the trees and then pulled very tight. When laying in it, it doesn't wrap up around you like a taco like other hammocks do. Notice in the pictures I am on my stomach and on my side in some. Can you do that in a regular hammock? I like to hang it low, bout 2.5 feet, so I can reach out and get stuff off the ground easily. Can you do that in a regular hammock. This thing is still in the very early stages of development, and I definitely have some issues to work out. Most important to me is some type of bug protection. Next is the best method to connect the tree straps to the strapolounger itself. Now I use 1.5 in side release buckles. They are super quick and super easy to set up and apply tennsion. But I'm not sure they are durable enough. They hold me pretty well (6 ft, 180 lbs) especially at first. But after repeated set-ups and take downs, applying heavy tension each time, they weaken and eventually break, sending the lounging hiker to the ground. Thank goodness its a sleeping pad too. I'll end with this point. When I began making the strapolounger, I came at it as a Pack first and foremost. It was only after I had completed the first couple that I realized how easy it could be suspended between two trees. Point is, it is a great pack. It holds a load comfortably and rides really well. It is super lightweight, cheap and easy to make. I do have some prototypes available cheap ($30 and that includes shipping) if anyone is interested in trying one out. I would appreciate the feedback. Cedar Tree