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07-19-2003, 15:14
I'm wondering how most of you handle allergies while hiking. Are there any allergy meds. out there that do not make you too drowsy to hike or affect your heart rate ?

07-20-2003, 07:02
There are plenty of nondrowsy meds out there.
Get your Doc's help and find one.

I actually use one that effects me the other way, so with my morning coffee I get a real boost up that hill.

(Kids, don't try this at home).

I'm not a doctor on TV, I play one in real life.:banana :-?

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07-20-2003, 09:25

I take what is convenient, AlaVert (the new 24-hour capsule) non-drowsy formula works for me...that way I have one small pill every morning & forget about it.

Sudafed (non-drowsy formula) works for me too.
Also if you wanna save a few bucks, look beside these meds & you usually see the store-brand generics with the same ingredients (please ck the label).

i take extra strength Advil (after the long day for my achy knees)
i keep in my Meds ziplock (just in case...)Pepto Bismol tabs &
my iodine tabs for water treatment (when needed).

I dont get caught w/o my Meds ziplock bag.


07-31-2003, 10:57
I generally suck it up and drive on when allergies get me while hiking. I'm not averse to popping a Benedryl at night though to help me sleep through the worst of it.

I'm extremely sensitive to anything that dulls my awareness or leaves me mentally altered to any degree. Keeps me from drinking too much and prevented me from every taking "recreational pharmaceuticals" (that and the fear of Dad!) So I won't take allergy meds unless I am really in a bad way. I certainly won't take them while actually hiking, because too frequently they alter my sense of balance, and I need that.