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07-20-2003, 12:57
I seem to be developing new allergies recently. I thought that as we got older the incidence of this lowered or we outgrew our allergies.

Several weeks ago, I broke out in a rash on my back, which later spread to my shoulders, arms and trunk. Narrowing down the culprits is difficult, but we were working in the yard that day and I got a good back rub from my dear husband later, or it could have been the generic tylenol I had taken a day before ( it is the only drug I ever use for aches and pa ins) or the new laundry detergent or the even the shampoo i've been using for a couple of years. Nasal allergies seem to be worse this season also.

Going to the dr. tomorrow to see if she can help narrow down the cause. Thanks.

07-31-2003, 10:52
It's always possible to develop new allergies (or so I understand).

Nasal allergies have been real bad in the Northeast this season. A couple of days this year I just had to call it a day and get my head down, the sinus headaches were untouched by the normal OTC meds, and the meds themselves were leaving me feeling completely out of it.

07-31-2003, 11:06