View Full Version : Andover Guest House

07-20-2003, 19:38
Sandra, the manager of the Andover Guest House at Andover ME has asked me to spread the word that their hiker hostel is still open. She has also said that she can use some help around the place and can offer hikers work for stay.

Hikers, please pass the word around and give your support to this great hostel so that they may continue business after the sad passing of Sandra's partner Pegleg.

07-20-2003, 22:58
I hadn't heard about Peg Leg. How sad. He was part of what made Andover a great trail town.

07-20-2003, 23:51
I was in Andover yesterday and today helping Sandra at the Andover Guest House. I ran all her shuttles for the weekend. She is doing fine and the Guest House is still there. They have no intentions of closing it or selling it. I was weird being there with out Pegleg around. He will be greatly missed.