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02-10-2007, 20:17
Does anyone know of a manufacturer of an ultralight hiking staff?, preferably adjustable with a strap on the handle.


02-10-2007, 21:02
REI has a decent selection of sectional walking staffs, well as pairs of trekking poles.http://www.rei.com/online/store/Search?storeId=8000&seq=21&query=Trekking+Poles&noalias=1&cat=4500049&link=1&vcat=REI_SSHP_CAMPING_TOC:P2

02-10-2007, 21:13
Look at Ultralite. They make some great poles.

02-11-2007, 19:30
anyone else?

02-12-2007, 10:04
Look here at Cascade Designs, Tracks:

There is an EBay store that is selling the older models very reasonably. I'll look up link if you want.

But for the best hiking staff have discovered is Bruce's at LuxuryLite http://www.luxurylite.com/
but his index does not seem to work. I sent him a nasty email advising him of it so he should fix it shortly. Very light and very strong. Hook up a couple more loops with prussic knots and you can use it as a ladder even. Plus it is much lighter than the Cascade Designs 'Tracks' that I finally wore out.

Jim Adams
02-12-2007, 10:33
Are you looking for a staff or sticks?
My children got a custom made staff for me last year and it is beautiful and light. It is about 4.5' long and made from 7 different laminations of wood with a foam core and is very light for wood. It was made by Keith Backland in Ohiopyle, Pa. He is one of the best if not the best kayak and canoe paddle makers in the USA. This was his first attempt at a hiking stick / staff and it is great. His quality of work is incredible and I am very proud of it.
I don't have his phone number handy but it is listed in information about: Backland Paddles, area code 724 and exchange 329-????. He had a few others started when I was given mine---unknown cost but his paddle craftsmanship is not cheap.

02-12-2007, 13:02
I have a pair of Komperdells I bought a REI that run 11 ounces for the pair. THhey were $99 on sale, normally (I think) $130.

There is a mens and womens version, which really should be short and long, as the only difference is length.

They are lightweight yet sturdy enough to support my two hundred and (cough, cough) pounds. At least I haven't broken them yet.

PRODUCT NAME: Komperdell Komperdell C3 DuoLock Men
PRODUCT GROUP: Trekking Poles
CATEGORY: Trekking Poles - Adjustable
MSRP $150
WEIGHT PER POLE 6.1 oz. (173 g)
SHAFT MATERIAL carbon fiber
GRIP MATERIAL EVA foam w/strap
MINIMUM LENGTH 27 in. (68 cm)
MAXIMUM LENGTH 57 in. (145 cm)
COMMENTS lightest full-length 3 section pole

There is also a spring loaded shock version. Worse than useless IMO. An annoyance while hiking, dangerous when you need a careful plant crossing streams, and the part that will be the first to fail. It is abokut $30 extra