View Full Version : North Face Crestone 75 Pack

02-10-2007, 22:02
Anyone had personal experience of this pack? Seems the price is low compared to other brand names with similar features. Open season for input.:confused:

02-11-2007, 02:37
I haven't had experience with this specific pack but have used a North Face pack with the same type of suspension system. It felt really great on my body, everything was carried evenly and distrubuted to my hips. I had a women's specific belt, though it wouldn't be much good to you, was absolutly amazing with how it wrapped around my hips. My only problem with it was the fact that it had way to much volume. This was before I lightened up my pack, but all my personal gear before food/tent (I also always packed in groups back then) only filled the sleeping bag compartment. It just had too much volume.

But, I only ended up using the pack for about half a season and it now sits in the closet at my parents house, still in nearly new condition. Talk about a waste of money. The pack was extremely comfortable, and could carry large loads without much bother, but as I lightened my load more and more it became too excessive. It just didnt make sense to use a 6lbs pack to carry 10 to 15 pounds of stuff.

I would recomend seriously thinking about if you will ever want to hike lightweight. I used to think all the lightweight people were crazy because they had to be uncomfortable in camp, but now that I have joined the crowd I couldn't believe that I used to carry double or triple what I do now. Some people will always be happy with heavier loads though, and if you think you will be you should love the North Face pack.

Good Luck

Also - I use a gearskin, another great pack that would convert with you from heavier (but not too heavy) to lighter loads if you eventually decided to go that route. It would cost about the same.