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02-12-2007, 22:52
Researching 4500-5000 ci quality backpacks. Looked on-line at Gregory and Osprey first. Then found a North Face Crestone 75 for almost half the cost. Called a local retailer, they said they didn't carry the North Face due to poor quality. Could go crazy trying to sort through all the data available. Am I paying more for name brands or actually getting quality products? Input is truly welcome.:D

Bryan Mc
02-13-2007, 00:25
to tell you the truth im not a huge fan of north face products, but a couple of customers bought the crestone 75. one came back saying it was great and i havent heard anything fromt the other two. which means it could go either way. gregories are excellent packs. super comfortable if you want to pay for them. theyre a little bit heavy but if you will compromise the weight for comfort, its no big deal. ospreys are great because they have the air core that really lets your back breathe. but what ive seen with my customers, its a hit or miss, either it works or it doesnt for you. check out some bags from granite gear. for the size you want, you should be able to find one that costs around the same as gregory, maybe a tad less, but it would be a bit lighter and just as comfortable. im using a granite gear nimbus ozone on my thru this year. it weighs in at 3 pounds and gives 3800 ci, 4200 with the extension collar full. the stratus latitude might be one for you to check out if youre looking for this size of a bag. http://www.granitegear.com/products/backpacks/light/stratus_latitude/index.html

hope that helps, PM me if oyu need any more info on packs, or anything else for that matter.

02-13-2007, 10:03
North Face used to be cream of the crop. While they still are high quality, since they have moved into suburbia, they are no longer cream of the crop. They never have specialized in backpacks anyway, tents, sleeping bags, and clothing was always their specialty. Its more than a possiblity that their bags are not worth it. Gregory and Osprey on the other hand, only make backpacks and have not sold out yet. The year I hiked, Mr Gregory himself showed up at Trail Days... that is supporting the customer. As far as names and cost... you probably ARE paying more for the name, but the companies are small so its probably the going rate unfortunately and at this moment, the expensive stuff is the good stuff.

02-13-2007, 12:05
I love Gregory products and hate North Face mainly because I think they are overpriced for what they are worth.

02-13-2007, 13:44
Thanks for your help. It seems many people on this site have something to say about everything until you ask for some input. Thanks again.

02-13-2007, 13:56
My Osprey Luna 70 is wonderful--I got it about a year ago, and since I've gone one two longer trips. My hiking partner's pack (Gregory Baltoro i think) gave her some shoulder pain, but my Osprey gave me very little trouble. If you'll be hiking for years to come, I would dole out the extra cash to ensure better comfort in the long-run.

02-13-2007, 14:51
You want input? Buying a pack on-line is like getting a mail-order bride (or husband, I suppose). There are lots of good packs out there, but you don't *really* know if it's the right one until you try it on and live with it for a while. Take thee to thy local outfitter, and try on some packs. Take all your gear, if you already have it. Make sure it fits in the pack, and walk around for an hour. Or two. Make sure the outfitter has a good return policy -- one that will let you return the pack after a weekend hike if it just doesn't work.

Gregory, Osprey, Granite Gear, GoLite, ULA, and Kelty all make some great packs (and some not so great, of course). The keys are fit and comfort, and you need to wear it to check those things. If the outfitter knows what he or she is doing, a careful fitting will be part of the pack buying process.

02-13-2007, 23:34
IMHO osprey makes the best backpacks. I own two (Atmos 35, aether 30), but I don't carry them anymore because I do the whole ultralight thing.

Why do you want such a large pack? It's expensive, and there's a good chance that by filling it up you will wreck your knees. Think about the whole lightweight thing.

02-14-2007, 07:45
Thanks everyone. I'm a newbie. Trying to get things sorted out. I've bought too small before and regretted later. Trying not to make same mistakes. My wife may go sometimes, but want to be solo ready. Will probably pursue the Osprey line. Thanks for all input. And I apologize for my grumpy attitude. Trying to get realworld feedback. Thanks again.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
02-14-2007, 08:27
Overcame, you are not very far from the Atlanta area.... and REI has two stores there and a variety of packs in the size range you want (http://www.rei.com/camping/shoplette/Backpacks/Extended+Trip+Packs?cm_re=toc*2*extended_trip_pack s). May I suggest going there with a heavy daypack in hand? Put the daypack in the backpacks that interest you and wear them around the store as you shop. This will give you a much better idea of what is important to you in a pack than anything we can tell you.