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02-13-2007, 00:24
Hey classmates,
Butch cassidy and myself will be starting our walk on the 27th of feb. I finally EAS'd from active service friday and our last minute preparation will eat most of my time. I recently went to springer to walk the approach trail so it would be tied in for my walk this year. The night after my walk my girlfriend and I stayed at a very nice place for hikers and I told the owner that I would tell you guys about his place. The name of the place is Under The Hemlock Campgrounds, it consists of small 1 rm cabins. Each cabin has a king size bed, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner/heater, electricity. The best things are the low price (50 bucks) and the location (1 mile from the visitor center to the state park). The place is not well lit and may seem closed because they do not advertise very well but there is an intercom system to the owners house from the store. I thought that for fellow hikers who are doing the approach or are just up for some hiking it is a great place. Oh yeah 4 person max occupancy, and no pets allowed in the cabins.
Well that should cover my end, I'll see you guys up the trail.

Sundance Kid

number to cabins- (706) 265-4603