View Full Version : hornets on kimberling cr. bridge!

07-25-2003, 18:52
On Wednesday past I stopped at Kimberling Creek crossing outside Bland, Va. and walked across the (beautfiul) footbridge across the creek. I stirred up a nest of hornets that are about 1//4 of the way across on the downstream side, just under the handrail. No way that a column of hikers could pass through without getting hit. I waded the creek, about thigh deep, to return. Then found a scrap and left a note in a plastic bag on the north end of bridge-not much help for nobo's, sorry!

Perhaps a local can provide some trail magic or at least pass this along to the club who maintains that section. You can see the nest from the bank at the point where the partially submerged logg jutsout into the creek.


AT ga-me '76