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Chaco Taco
02-13-2007, 16:57
If I was too get someone to drop a load of food for me and a buddy, where do i tell them to leave it if they have not frequented the park?

Lone Wolf
02-13-2007, 17:00
can't just "leave it" at Newfound Gap. It's a parking lot with restrooms and tourists

02-13-2007, 18:04
If I was too get someone to drop a load of food for me and a buddy, where do i tell them to leave it if they have not frequented the park?
If your friend is good with details and directions, you could probably get him to discreetly hide it in the woods, then send you a very detailed set of directions.

Like: "from the southeast corner of the Pickle Barrel parking lot (same corner dumpster is in), walk 100 paces south to a large pine tree with a broken-off top. From the base of this tree, walk 20 paces due east to a fallen oak tree. Cache is tucked in hollow beneath the stump of this tree".

But not: "it's under some leaves a few hundred feet from the corner of the parking lot" :rolleyes:

Or, if both parties have GPS, have him just stash it then tell you the coords. :D

02-13-2007, 20:20
If you are talking about going into Gatlinburg, (West about 30 miles from Newfound gap) the Post Office is an easy trolly ride from the Happy hiker.

If planning on leaving something actually AT the gap. Wow, I wouldn't, this is a VERY VERY popular place, with kids (of all ages) climinb EVERYTHING and poking around everywhere. As stated before the only things there are the huge parking lot & a restroom.

Maybe, and again I wouldn't do it, but the N/E corner of the parking lot (furthest from the road) off into the woods some. A GPS would help you find it. Put it in a bear proof container, I have seen several less than 1 mile from the gap, and they are there cause the tourons* feed them. A 2nd place, that may be found quickly by someone, but also maybe easier to find by you, behind the restroom.

Another alternative, maybe more secure, but still nearly as popular. If your supply person don't want to walk far: the parking area of Clingmans Dome 1/2 mile from the AT. Or, at (near) the tower at the dome. OR, a 1/2 mile walk down sugarlands trail to the Mt Collins shelter, again bears have been sighted at the shelter.


*Tourist + Moron = Touron.
HMMM, just a thought, saying Tourist and Moron in the same sentence is repetative, like saying "I ate an orange orange".

02-13-2007, 22:01
:D just yogi at newfound gap,its a piece of cake:cool: neo

Rebel, with a Cause!
02-13-2007, 23:30
Lowspark, just send your food to the Happy Hiker outfitter in Gatlinburg. Its a easy hitch to town from Newfound Gap. Besides by the time you get to Newfound Gap, you will want to visit the Micro Brewery, 32 oz Homemade Draft beer for $3.00

Sorry, but I couldnt resist :)

I hope I can make this trip, its starting to sound like fun. If I do come, Im going to split up my food and go to Gatlinburg and pick up the rest, have a nice meal, maybe a shower and visit the Micro Brewery. Heck, its only a half day, plenty of time to see the rest of the GSMNP in a total of 7 to 8 days. I refuse to carry 7 days of food :)

Call me and ill find a way to help you out somehow.