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02-14-2007, 21:43
It is nearly impossible for me to find insulated hiking boots in my size. I can't possibly be the only hiker out there who wears a 13 EEEE shoe?

For the warmer parts of the year I gave up trying to find boots and usually go with a pair of New Balance trail runners (currently using the model 476's) which I've been pleased with. But I hate having to limit the distance on my winter time trips because the only boots I can find are the ultra heavy hiking ones jammed with so much thinsulate that my feet are sweating after being on the trail for half a mile.

Anyone out there with the same problem as me (besides eightiesguy who has it worse because he wears 14's)? What have you found that works?

02-14-2007, 22:21
I had a problem in finding womens hiking light weight boots/shoes with a wide double E everyone seemed to carry the standard D but that was a bit small as my feet would swell...until I found out about ShoeBuy they carry everything.

Most of their hiking boots (all Brands) carry 2E to 6E with plenty of choices....Their customer service was great and I had fast shipping...no problems.... http://www.shoebuy.com/ Have fun I hope this helps.

map man
02-14-2007, 22:58
Try Dunham. They have been owned by New Balance for a while now and offer a wide variety of widths like New Balance. I just looked at the web site NBwebexpress.com and I found lots of hiking boots by Dunham -- some looked like they would be good for winter hiking, some looked lighter -- and the couple I looked at had sizes as wide as 4E and lengths going all the way up to 16.

02-15-2007, 09:34
I wear 12EEEE boots/trail runners--mostly trail runners. I use Dunham primarily and some New Balance. They come in a variety of sizes, having many models that fit your feet. Here's the Dunham link:


Good Luck--

p.s. I frequently find Dunham's last year models on sale via a google search.

02-15-2007, 10:21
I was having the same problem several weeks ago. I tried the Dunhams but found that although the width was good, the volume did not cut it for me. I also tried the Vasque Breeze in a wide. Same problem. After trying on all I could at the more traditional outfitters (REI, EMS, Cabellas, Nesters....) I wound up finding the boots that work for me at Sports Authority. I got the HiTec Altitude.

02-15-2007, 10:22
Cabela's. Zappos. Try the search by size thingy. Google New Balance. Once in the site look for Dunham, and root around for "clearance." Sorry no link.

02-15-2007, 13:51
Be aware that Dunhams and New Balances tend to be sized on the small size. I usually use a 13 EEEE but when I bought a set of Dunham insulated Waffle Stompers, I had to move up to a 14EEEE.

03-14-2007, 11:40
I've not been a big fan of Dunhams but I pretty much exclusively wear New Balance shoes for everyday (and on the trail during warmer months I go with the 476 trail runners).

For this last trip I ended up just wearing my NB 476's and my SmartWool heavy trekking socks, and was fine as long as I was on the move. Once we got to the stopping point and were standing/sitting around, my feet started to get cold. So I put on a second pair of the SmartWool heavy trekking socks and had no issues after that.

So I'll probably just buy another pair or two of New Balance Trail Runners I guess.

03-19-2007, 11:14
vasque breeze. i have them in a 14 and they are great boots.