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02-17-2007, 16:38
Just got back from a day hike to Laurel Fork and Roan Mountain shelters. Laurel Fork is cold but tolerable. Roan Mountain is nothing but brutal today. 22 degrees with strong winds and snow. The trail up to the shelter is a solid sheet of ice and there are several spots with ice flows running over the trail. Very hard going up there, but we made in and out with no major injuries. Weatherman says better days are coming though. Posted a picture of a frozen Laurel Fork Falls in the photo section, will give you an idea of how cold its been.

mountain squid
02-17-2007, 18:05
Hey there. Someone else from the Tri-Cities!! Woohoo!!

I went to Double Springs Shelter today off of TN91 where the Handicap Accessible trail is. Kinda cold, maybe 2 inches of snow. Nice hike.

Currently snowing in JC.

Last week I saw frozen Laurel Falls and posted a few pics here (it is an old thread - last weeks pics at post #10):
Now, I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever thaw:-?.

Anyway, :welcome and See you on the trail,
mt squid

02-18-2007, 13:17
So that was Beavers that did that. Duh. I was thinking, "huh... some not so motivated vandals."

Also from the general area, Unicoi.

02-19-2007, 14:31
So much for Roan Mountain till spring thaw.Good to see someone else ffom Kingsport post something on here.