View Full Version : Tortuga Southbond in 07

02-17-2007, 21:11
Will be attempting a southbound thru-hike in June. Living in North Georgia I will be looking for a way to Baxter State Park. Trains, Planes, and automobiles. Willing to share expences to the trail head.

02-26-2007, 13:03
I thru'd last year SOBO and also live in N. Ga. (inside the perimeter in atlanta, but it's more north than macon!). I flew delta to boston, took a bus to bangor, ME (it was cheap and really nice, a 4 hour drive with no stops, they played movies on the bus, I think it was only like $45), spent the night in bangor, then took a bus the next day to the bus stop on the interstate closest to Millinocket. Spent the night there and took a taxi (the only one serving millinocket) into baxter, they dropped me right off at Katahdin Stream CG. That worked well for me.. and it wasn't too expensive, but it did take some time. You could try to do most of that or all of it in one day, but it would require a lot more planning, provided the bus schedules even matched up. Not saying this is the only way, but it's one. I wish I could have gotten someone to shuttle me from Boston to BSP, but that didn't work out.

Concord Trailways was what I took from Boston to Bangor I think (or was that the one I took from bangor to close-to-millinocket?).

Pacific Tortuga
02-26-2007, 13:32
Hey, thats my trail name too :) but north.

I think we talked about you working at the Len Foote Hike Inn and my staying there ? I hope to meet you then (March 31) and then again passing each other on the Trail.

Good luck, pretty exciting ++++ aint it? Until then, take er easy.