View Full Version : AL Hiking Trail Society Conference 2007

02-20-2007, 14:34
Thought I'd take the liberty and post the info for this upcoming event...

The AHTS works to protect and provide hiking trails in Alabama (like the Pinhoti that many of us already know!)

While this is not a Ruck-style, party atmosphere, there is great fun and great information to be had.

This years guest speakers are the main reason Im going again. Last year, when I was first getting into hiking, I had the great pleasure of meeting Tha Wookie and bending his ear for info!

Nimblewell Nomad and Dr. Doug are slated for this year. (I just bought a farm that used to belong to Dr. Dougs old timey family!)

Check out http://hikealabama.org/conference07/conference.htm for more information and registration info!

Tha Wookie
02-21-2007, 20:12
Hey- that tickled!