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02-20-2007, 16:23
Hey, I'm planning a trip out to NC over spring break to attempt about 50 mi over the week on the AT. It will be from March 10 - 16 (+/-). I'm wondering what other peoples' experiences have been on the AT through NC. I've been on the AT through the smokies for a weekend and loved it, now I'd like to venture somewhere else.

If you could just post places/weather in march that you remember so I can research it online I'd appreciate it. Also, I'm especially interested in walking through pine forests so if you have any great places let me know.


02-20-2007, 21:06
You might want to trek from Davenport Gap (DG) to Hot Springs (HS). Not 50 miles, but a great hike! Max Patch, between DG and HS, is a GREAT place to pitch a tent!

02-20-2007, 21:30
About 45 miles will take you from US 19E southbound to Erwin, TN, over the Roan Mountain balds. Spectacular. That's probably 4-5 days of hiking, so you could keep going to Sam's Gap, about 25 miles south of Erwin, over Big Bald. Or you could start at Kincora Hostel and hike the 70 miles south to Erwin. All good.

Expect cold weather. The average temps are about 50 over 30, but it can be very windy on the ridges, and March is when we occasionally get big snowstorms.

We'll be on the trail that same week, Sam's Gap south to Davenport Gap. Have a good hike.

02-20-2007, 23:24
Just wanted to throw this out there: to my taste, the trail was very rocky, esp going down into NOC. I'd heard about the boulder-strewn, perilous PA paths, but not about this NC trail cluttered w/medium-sized rocks. So, I hope you have good strong boots!

Hmmm, can't think of anything. So, hope your hike is happy and your heart is awed and thankful. :sun

Chaco Taco
02-21-2007, 00:01
We are doing Fontana to Davenport Gap March 9-17. Maybe we will se eya out there. Gonna be awesome in the Smokies

02-21-2007, 12:29
So far everyone seems to be mentioning north of the smokies, but between the NC/Ga line and Fontana is quite incredible as well. Probably harder than north of the smokies. You realy cant go bag with any section along the AT in NC.