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02-21-2007, 16:27
This is close to the gear list i will be starting with..
Note: I am a techy, so don't expect me to lighten up in the tech gear section

Also, yes i have personal care items, tp, etc.. this isn't a finished list yet.... i also have other clothes coming in that aren't listed yet...

Just wanna get some ideas for how i'm doing with the rest



Camp Trails external frame pack724.5Insul-Mat SL Lite Sleeping Pad SUPER LITE LONG

120.75Lafuma GR 1000 +30 sleeping bag372.3125eureaka tentagon tent (only till our tarptent comes in)805Double Rainbow tarptent322Flatworld Orikaso Bowl
1.20.075Flatworld Orikaso Cup
1.250.078125msr fuel bottle2.70.16875Titanium foil windscreen0.30.01875Light my fire spork0.20.0125Green pot scrubby0.50.03125homemade alcohol stove 0.30.01875Pot20.125Naglene BottleInline filter for Platy40.252L PlatypusAirwalk® "Connect" Water Sandal
Granite Gear Hip-Belt Pocket
1.40.0875MSR Large Packtowl2.10.13125Orange Survival Bandana20.125Solar panelBattery ChargerPhone ChargerMagellan Gold GPSSprint Cell PhoneSpare BatteriesHead LampGreen LaserFinger Light0.30.01875EMS Excursion Zip off PantsThermal TopThermal PantsXXL Driducks Rainsuit7.50.46875Totals258.7516.17188


Appalachian Tater
02-21-2007, 22:50
The format of your list is discouraging, perhaps you could repost it?

02-22-2007, 19:06
The format of your list is discouraging, perhaps you could repost it?

I do agree.

02-22-2007, 19:14
yeah, it messed up, it has been reposted in the general forum