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02-21-2007, 16:30
This is close to the gear list i will be starting with..
Note: I am a techy, so don't expect me to lighten up in the tech gear section

Also, yes i have personal care items, tp, etc.. this isn't a finished list yet.... i also have other clothes coming in that aren't listed yet...

Just wanna get some ideas for how i'm doing with the rest

Gear List
Item Ounces Pounds
Camp Trails external frame pack 72 4.5
Insul-Mat SL Lite Sleeping Pad SUPER LITE LONG 12 0.75
Lafuma GR 1000 +30 sleeping bag 37 2.3125
eureaka tentagon tent (only till our tarptent comes in) 80 5
Double Rainbow tarptent 32 2
Flatworld Orikaso Bowl 1.2 0.075
Flatworld Orikaso Cup 1.25 0.078125
msr fuel bottle 2.7 0.16875
Titanium foil windscreen 0.3 0.01875
Light my fire spork 0.2 0.0125
Green pot scrubby 0.5 0.03125
homemade alcohol stove 0.3 0.01875
Pot 2 0.125
Naglene Bottle
Inline filter for Platy 4 0.25
2L Platypus
"Airwalk® ""Connect"" Water Sandal"
Granite Gear Hip-Belt Pocket 1.4 0.0875
MSR Large Packtowl 2.1 0.13125
Orange Survival Bandana 2 0.125
Solar panel
Battery Charger
Phone Charger
Magellan Gold GPS
Sprint Cell Phone
Spare Batteries
Head Lamp
Green Laser
Finger Light 0.3 0.01875

EMS Excursion Zip off Pants
Thermal Top
Thermal Pants

XXL Driducks Rainsuit 7.5 0.46875

Totals 258.75 16.171875


02-21-2007, 16:41
Solar panel
Battery Charger
Phone Charger

Just from curiosity,,What brand/model solar panel? And the battery chargers,,,??? I'm currently experimenting with some options myself.


mountain squid
02-21-2007, 16:49
For the stuff you have listed:

use 20oz soda bottle instead of msr thingy for alcohol
bounce all those chargers and solar panel
gps is not necessary, carry the maps and Companion/Wingfoot instead
green laser?!?
finger light?!?

Since you said this is an incomplete list, I'm not going to comment on the many missing items...don't forget the sunscreen, though...

See you on the trail,
mt squid

02-21-2007, 16:50
The solar panel is a coleman exponent flex 5
it has a cigarette lighter plug coming off of it

using an igo adapter from that, which fits my cell, and batt charger and anything else i need it to fit

i have a 110ac to cigarette lighter adapter in my bounce box for charging in town

the batt charger is just a 4AAA/AA charger from walmart

02-21-2007, 16:53
don't expect the solar panel to work on the AT

02-21-2007, 16:54
i have no problems with it in very moderate sunlight
i also have had no problems with it on the sections of the AT here, PA

02-21-2007, 22:02
anyone else care to comment? or is it that bad of a list?