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Chaco Taco
02-21-2007, 17:29
I am off in 2 weeks for my section. I feel ready even though some of my stuff is heavy. I have been wearing my pack and it feels great. Just want some 411 if I am leaving anything out or have too much. I know someof you will say I heavy stuff but this is what I got. Please help with any info and thanks
Shelter and Sleeping
The North Face Rock 22 Tent Rain Fly with ultralight footprint
Kelty Flagstaff Zero Degree Sleeping Bag
Thermarest Prolite short
Emergency Blanket
Kelty Coyote 4750 Backpack
Sea To Summit Raincover
Granite Gear Compression sack
Freezer bags
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack liner

Cooking and Water
MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR Titan Kettle
Platypus bladder for inside pack
Katadyn Hiker Filter in own bag
Magnesium Fire Starter
Sea to Summit Stuff sack to be used as Bear Bag with Nylon Cord

Suunto a1000 M2 Compass
Paper, Pen
Black Diamond Night Eye Headlamp with 3 AA Batts

The North Face TriClimb Hyvent Jacket with fleece insert
Columbia Hart Mountain Fleece
Smartwool Sock
Thorlo Hiking Sock
Wigwam Wool socks
Wigwam Sport C-T No Show Lite
The North Face Triclimb Hyvent Gloves
Thinulate wool gloves
Columbia Titanium Convertible Pants
The North Face Apex Chalk Pants
Widespread Panic Visor
1800ís ear covers
Stretch Pullover Poncho (used also as ground cloth and its long)
Kenyon Ploypro Longjohns (top and bottom)
Patagonia Capilene 3 Longjohns (top and bottom)
Columbia Hilltop GTX Hiking Boot
Layers Polyester base shirt
The North Face Fleece tobbogan
Fuel for 10 days
MSR ISO Pro canister x2

First Aid
Sewing needle and thread
Two 4x4 sterile dressings
Ibu tabs x6
Roll of adhesive cloth tape
Roll adhesive gauze
Purrell Hand sanitizer
Alcohol swab x4
8 bandaids
3 triple antibiotic gel
2 swabs with benzoin tincture
3.5 x 4 moleskin

1.75 pounds/ day X 7.5 days

Biodegradable Toilet Paper
Sanitation Trowel
Toiletry Kit
Gold Bond
Clean wipes
Dental Floss
Purrel Hand Sanitizer

mountain squid
02-21-2007, 17:53
Looks OK. How long is your section? Some thoughts:

will probably only need one fleece jacket, as well as only one set of long johns
a rain cover, pack liner and a poncho might be overkill - will your other gear be in sil-nylon stuff sacks?
duct tape
ear plugs
sun screen - no leaves on the trees
camp footwear
2 things of hand sanitizer - is that a typo?

See you on the trail,
mt squid

Chaco Taco
02-21-2007, 18:06
8 days in the Smokies. I have a jacket with the removable fleece inner. I gotcha on that. I forgot to put that I have crocs, duct tape and the others. The poncho is actually also used as a ground cloth since I am only taking a footprint and rain fly for my shelter. My poncho pulls out in case I need to add that since the weather is so unpredictable. Only thing that isnt Silnylon is my Packcover. Thanks

02-21-2007, 18:08
I didn't see: sun block, sun glasses (cheapies) and bandanas. A few Benadryls can come in handy also.

Chaco Taco
02-21-2007, 18:50
ten-four on the bandana, sun block, sunglasses and drugs

Chaco Taco
02-22-2007, 19:31
Ok we are a go for March 8

02-22-2007, 20:37
Have fun! Dude

02-22-2007, 22:23
That`s what section hikes are for..They are self shakedowns... You`ll know by the time you get back if you took to much or not enough... If you can comfortably carry the weight don`t worry about it to much since it`s always better to have stuff you didn`t need than to not have something to make yourself more comfortable and enjoy the trip more.....I never carried a compass or a lot of first aid stuff myself but I was probably being stupid...LOL.
I shall now go into the following rant which is NOT directed at the person who made this post
"Shakedown"???.. When did this become a standard AT hiking thing?..Used to be you learned what you did and didn`t need personally by getting out there and going on a hike and when you got back you`d say.."Well I didn`t use this..this or this..But I could have used this this and this"..I especially cringe when I hear of people heading out on a "thru-hike" and having some people up the trail do a "shakedown" on their gear..What the????...If you don`t have enough experience to know what you need or don`t or what you can carry or not then you shouldn`t be starting a thru-hike