View Full Version : Thru Hiker Companion???

02-22-2007, 16:12
I know there was a thread about this a few months ago but couldn't find it so just throwing this out there. Someone had posted about being able to access the Thru hiker's companion online free???? If this is true could someone point me in the right direction. I would love to check it out.

Lone Wolf
02-22-2007, 16:15

02-22-2007, 16:21
Followed that link and it just shot me to the ATC site where you have to order the companion and pay.

02-22-2007, 16:22
link for last years Companion online: http://www.aldha.org/comp_pdf.htm

I don't think this years Companion is online yet

02-22-2007, 16:26
AH there it is thanks a bunch