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Blue Wolf
02-24-2007, 09:23
What if any experiences have any of you had with these? there as good as cash, and you dont have to be in search of an ATM do people readily accept them along the trail? any input on this would be appreciated.

Touch of Grey
02-24-2007, 10:13
I think Baltimore Jack or Lone Wolf posted something back sometime ago in relation to this topic. It went something like go ahead and get them, (make sure that you write down the serial numbers and keep them on you in a safe place) but also keep 50 to 100 dollars cash in your pocket just in case the business does not accept them or have a clue on how to use them. That way you have options when you get to town instead of having to find a bank, ATM or someone who can or will cash one for you.


Blue Wolf
02-25-2007, 11:58
sounds like a plan thanks was just curious how many carry then VS. debit cards

02-25-2007, 12:43
The problem with only carrying a single debit card and limited cash is if the magnetic stripe gets compromised(scratched, corrupted magnetically etc) or if your card gets cancelled due to coming up on a compromised list, problems with your bank's system, credit card server outages, etc. My personal recommendation is to always have a minimum of 200 cash, plus the same in travellers cheques or a backup credit card in case of emergencies - you might need to pay for medical care, gear replacement, emergency travel, etc. For those without a backup credit card having the travellers cheques is an even greater necessity. It can take banks up to two weeks to mail out debit card replacements and you'll need someone to forward it to you.

02-27-2007, 17:51
I remember in 2000 I decided to carry traveler's checks and highly regretted it. It seems, especially in the southern states, that most places were reluctant to take them. So I used up what I had and just stuck with cash and credit cards.

Ron "So Big" B
02-27-2007, 20:11
I was planning on taking travelers cks as well. Any idea if it is different now rather than seven years ago?

BTW, I am starting a flip-flop from Harpers Ferry southbound with "2nd Gear" March 21st.

Jack Tarlin
02-27-2007, 20:20
I've NEVER had a problem, i.e. never been turned down, even in the smallest store.

A few quick ideas, tho:

*Carry a lot of 20's. If you have larger denominations, use them (i.e. break
them, in larger towns, supermarkets, etc.)
*Make sure you have good I.D., that it looks like you, and that you also have
"back-up" I.D. if anyone asks.
*Always carry at least some cash with you, i.e. at least 50 to 100 dollars.
This is especially true in Maine, where I'd carry more than this, in that
several stores and businesses (like hostels) don't take credit cards or
charge a fee for their use.
*Never get into a position where you are totally relying on your credit/ATM
card. Cards get lost, stolen, eaten by machines. In some towns, there's
only one ATM. If the machine is down, or out of money, or the place with
the machine closes unexpectedly, you're screwed. And many places have
a "minimum" purchase figure, meaning if you only want one or two
inexpensive items, you may not be able to use a card.
*You can get "cash back" in most Post offices, usually later in the day when
they have money to spare in their till. Don't try this at 9AM. Likewise,
most small markets and stores will NOT give cash back on a card purchase,
so don't ask.

Lone Wolf
02-27-2007, 20:26
I carried traveler's checks from 1986-2000. never had a problem.

02-27-2007, 21:39
Ditto what Jack said about Maine. It is tough finding an ATM in that state, carry cash with you. I would double it to 200, I found myself broke because I loaned out money to buddies who got to an ATM and then found out that it was already out of cash...lol.

Blue Wolf
02-27-2007, 21:52
Yeah i'm glad i asked i'm gonna carry a lil cash a debit but for the most part travlers checks there as good as cash & easy to replace if stolen or lost from what i hear. thanks wolf