View Full Version : Great Basin Section??

No Belay
02-24-2007, 13:03
I've done most of the sections of the CDT that I was interested in completing except for the Great Basin area. After parts of NMx I didn't have much desire to hike rolling scrub. What's all your opinions? Is it an area that holds enough WOWs to justify another trip?

Savor Happy!

02-28-2007, 23:08
Judge for youself. :)

In all seriouness, it is not an AWESOME beauty..but rather a raw, expansive and desolate beauty.

At 100+ miles, it is doable in avacation. Hard..but rewarding. Amazing sunsets and sunrises, wide open terrain. And the wild horses are just amazing.

No Belay
03-03-2007, 23:52
Thanks Mags, Your journal had some great shots and The Basin looks like about what I thought it was. I think I'll head back to the Winds and Bob Marshal. Don't know why but it makes me nervous when I can see where I'm going for more than a day. Wore out my boots walking back wards in NMx.

Savor Happy!

Spirit Walker
03-04-2007, 23:18
I'm the opposite. I find it extremely liberating to see the path lieing before me and knowing that it extends for days ahead of me. Some of my favorite photos show the long winding trail ahead or behind. Freedom.

No Belay
03-06-2007, 20:38
I can relate to that but I've always enjoyed being amazed and surprised by what's around the next curve in the trail or over the next ridge. That feeling is hard to come by when you've been looking at where you're going to be for 3 days and it looks pretty much like where you just came from when you get there( was that english?) My Ex used to love setting on the shore at Nags Head and staring at the ocean. Two days of that and I'd be stark raving insane so as Ole Bill Clinton used to say "Different strokes for different smokes"

Savor Happy!

04-30-2007, 12:16
It was the only place that I have ever witnessed a extremely large herd of Wild Mustangs. As they became aware of my presence, the thunder from their hooves trampling the ground was magnificent. To watch them run through the plains along with herds of antelope, I did not mind the basin.