View Full Version : Hughes Gap to Iron Mountain Gap

02-24-2007, 16:16
Myself and Butch walked across this section today in near perfect weather. Visibility was really good and Ill post a few pics of the 30+ mile views off the cliffs on little rock knob. Trail was being maintained today and is in excellent shape. What a diiference a week makes...20 degs and snow last Saturday, 55 and clear today. Through hikers gotta love that.

02-24-2007, 17:12
Hey, Mantiss,

Thanks for the report. Any ice on the trail?


02-24-2007, 22:13
No ice, its all turning to mud. Walmart has got my pictures held hostage until tommorrow (commies got my film, then say it wont be an hour...itll be 1 day) Ill post some up when I get them. Alot of you may have seen "the campsite" but if you havn't, Ill let you in on it. Its a kicking place to set up.