View Full Version : Training with Schulo

Earl Grey
02-25-2007, 23:53
Today me and Schulo trained at Crowders. If you weren’t an outdoors type person then today would not have been a day to go up there. The weather was anything but pretty with low visibility, howling winds and low temperatures. It actually wasn’t that bad until we got to the top of the Pinnacle where the wind really kicked up. Up there we made some lunch with Schulo using his sleeping mat as a windshield which worked really good. My gloves were soaked at this point and my hands were pretty cold but some hot chocolate fixed that. It was kind of weird to see how that place in such a fog. On a clear day you can see miles and miles everywhere even the Blue Ridge off in the distance but not today. You could barely see the bottom of the cliff from the top which made it seem like you were higher up than you really were. All you saw was a gray mist on each side of the summit. The attached picture below shows kind of what we saw.

We took some pictures and then headed down and over to the top of Crowders but on the way we got stopped by a ranger warning us that they close by 6. It was around 3 at the time so 3 hours to get there and back seemed like alot of time but in reality when you stop and look around alot time goes by fast. We got to the overlook at Crowders and came back the way we came, the Rocktop Trail. We were going to go back another way but it was too long and we wouldn’t have made it back in time. We got back at 5:50 and left so they wouldn’t close the gate on us. I learned alot today and so did Schulo and I hope to do it again soon.