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08-05-2003, 11:47
Hey everyone,

I just got back from a three week trip to Colorado. I hiked roughly 284 of the 468 mile-long Colorado Trail, from Buena Vista to Durango.

If anyone is interested, I just finished posting my journal from the trip along with all the photos. Everything is linked on my website at:

ChompAdventures.com (http://ChompAdventures.com)

Please feel free to leave comments in the gallery if you like. Hope you enjoy.


steve hiker
08-05-2003, 18:41
Great pics Chomp. By the way, I see you passed through a few aspen groves, were there very many along your hike and if so where? I'm planning a 1-week backpacking trip to Colorado in late September and want to hike through the aspens as they're turning. Hear it's really nice out there in the fall. Any suggested areas? I do about 10 miles a day.

08-06-2003, 09:47
To be homest, I can't remember exactly where the Aspen groves were. I can check the guidebook tonight, though, since I know that there were mentioned in there.

As for one week in Colorado, hiking from Molas Pass to Durango is a great stretch of trail. I think its about 70 miles, the hiking is pretty tame and the scenery is just fantastic.

08-06-2003, 10:15
Another possible stretch with some good aspen groves is the section before Kenosha Pass. That section has some real nice aspens. Something that starts before Kenosha Pass and ends in Breckenridge would be good. Georgia Pass is pretty nice, and it will get you up above tree line.

That's been our favorite stretch so far. But we have only gotten out to Leadville so far....\

Gravity Man

08-07-2003, 08:31
Its hard to go anywhere in Colorado without being in a stand or two of Aspens and in the fall they are a brilliant yellow, shimmering and rustling in the cool mountain breezes. They are more numerous in some sections (and altitudes) than in others.

A possible area to consider is that portion of the CDT often skipped by thruhikers- the Weimenuche Wilderness.

It is where the CDT makes a half circle in southern Colorado, northbound, starting from NE of Pagosa Springs above Wolf Creek pass (~10,500 ')at Lobo Overlook (~11,500'). From there in ambles up and down, as high as 13,000' in places in and out of treeline through a lot of alpine tundra westward towards Stoney Pass and the old mining town of Silverton for ~100 miles. You can take the narrow gage railroad from there to Durango and finish the hike. I consider it one of the most beautiful parts of the CDT and arguably the wildest. It was where the last grizzly bear was killed in the state, back when they were doing that, in the 50's as I recall.

Since you are from near sea level you may need to acclimatize your body beforehand by staying someplace for a couple of days at altitude-if you feel the onset of altitude sickness. If you feel you may be susceptible to it, get a prescription of diamox and start taking a pill a day for at least two days before the trip. It helps. It will make beer taste a little "tinny" but that is the only side effect I am aware of. If you are not susceptible dont bother.

If you are interested, E-mail me and i will give you more particulars of the area. It is truly God's country!

Good luck