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mountain squid
03-01-2007, 15:59
As many of us know, the next year will be busy with planning and purchasing gear, etc for you 08ers. As you begin these sometimes daunting tasks, you might consider making a pre-trip to Mountain Crossings @ Walasi-Yi at Neels Gap in GA (http://www.mountaincrossings.com/Home.html). If it is possible, I would suggest going sometime between the middle of Mar and the middle of Apr. This years hikers will be going through then and the info/suggestions from them might be very helpful in your planning.

You'll have the opportunity to talk with a very knowledgeable staff, as well as being able to 'get your hands' on specific items of gear. Much of their inventory is popular on the trail. Also, while there, check out the hostel.

If it not feasible for you to make a trip now, any time before your hike might be beneficial to yourself. Also, consider Trail Days in Damascus, VA. Many past/present/future hikers will be in attendance. There will also be many vendors plying their wares and you just might find that backpack or tent you've been thinking of...

Anyway, just something to consider. Have fun with your planning...

See you on the trail (next year),
mt squid

If you're wondering, I have absolutely nothing to do with Mountain Crossings. I had the opportunity to visit before my hike in '04 and learned alot, as I am sure you will, also...

04-04-2007, 21:02
Also, remember that Outfitters like Mountain Crossings rely on retail sales to pay salaries and other expenses. If the price differential for gear you plan to purchase plus mailing costs is comparable to MtnXngs' price off the shelf, please consider buying at MtnXngs.

A lot of items at MtnXngs are the same price as REI -- but at MtnXngs you know you're getting expert advice from the sales staff.

I met a hiker at Low Gap (GA) who had outfitted himself using discount gear stores on the Internet. When he got to MtnXngs, he replaced everything. And was happy to do so. He was very complementary about the sales staff and the quality of gear at MtnXngs. And he also "lightened" up by 30 pounds when he purchased replacement gear.

Winton Porter is shown in Mark Flagler's DVD "Appalachian Impressions."

(I am in no way connected to Mountain Crossings or Mark Flagler Productions. I just know a good product and a good Outfitter when I find them.)

Enjoy your hike knowing that you got expert advice on gear!

mountain squid
04-23-2007, 10:57
Well, I hope some of you future hikers have had the opportunity to visit Mountain Crossings. I suspect most of this years 'thru-hikers' have already hit the trail and have passed Neels Gap. But, don't let that deter you, they still have a knowledgeable staff on hand...

I was down there at the beginning of the month. They were definitely busy doing pack shakedowns and mailing stuff home for hikers (the UPS guy might need back therapy when the 'season' is ended:D). (I almost lent him 'the handcart':rolleyes:...)

See you on the trail (& at Trail Days),
mt squid

PS. I noticed the old link doesn't work anymore:confused:, so here is the new one: http://www.mountaincrossings.com/