View Full Version : What should I bring extra?

08-06-2003, 10:37
I'm doing a quick overnight to Guyot campsite next wednesday and given the probability of running into a thru-hiker or two, I was wondering what would be a good item to bring for some trail magic? I was thinking of bringing some extra fruit or other food stuff to share. Any thoughts.

Rift Zone
08-06-2003, 19:35
Things that thru-hikers would appriciate most would be fresh. Carbohydrates are primary to pack food so some veggies fresh fruit or fat in any form would be appriciated. Cheese would go over really well. Pizza and ice cream are nearly a universal graving. Let that guide you.

You are too kind. I am certain the hikers will be sure to let you know that as well. Don't let them fool you. The contribution you make is valued far more than they could possibly let on.

Lone Wolf
08-06-2003, 22:54
Booze, pot, and cigarettes. The majority of todays thru-hikers relish these most. I ain't jokin either.

08-06-2003, 23:32
Is it true that the shelters are typically occupied by thru-hikers that are smoking pot?

08-07-2003, 00:50
To answer your question, no shelters are usually not filled with pot smoking thru-hikers. There are a handful out there who smoke but i only witnessed it once at a shelter and that was 3 section hikers. Its tough to get the munchees and look into the little food left in your food bag. But really i guess i was ahead of the party crowd so i didnt have any issues.

Any type of foods would be appreciated. I just did Trail magic today at Mohican Center in NJ. Met 2 SOBOs who devoured a box of donuts and fruit i gave them, plus mt dew. You'll make some pathetic thru-hiker very happy trust me.

Lone Wolf
08-07-2003, 09:06
illininagel, there may not be a lot of dope smokin in shelters but there is a lot of cigarette smoking. It's amazing the amount of smokers hiking the trail.

08-07-2003, 09:09
Lone wolf1, that is amazing. You wouldn't think that thru-hiking and smoking would go together. The more I read and hear, the more I think I'll opt for tenting most nights...

Lone Wolf
08-07-2003, 09:15
Yeah I never use shelters anymore. Even in the Smokys and SNP. Shelters just plain suck.

08-07-2003, 09:22
Lone wolf1,

"Shelters just plain suck."----that's what I'm beginning to gather. What's the primary reason for so many people using them? Weather, company, ease of use?

TJ aka Teej
08-07-2003, 09:30
This weekend at the Birches the kids and I will stop by with cold sodas, fruit, firewood, hotdogs, rolls and such. On the way out of the Park, we'll offer a couple rides to Millinocket. Not all 'magic' is food, offer to relay a message, to pack out trash, to take a photo for them..

TJ aka Teej
08-07-2003, 09:39
"Weather, company, ease of use" is about right, illini. I like shelters, to visit and chat at. But I usually tent anyways for privacy, quiet, and to avoid mice.

11-02-2003, 18:06
Krispy Kreme's