View Full Version : Drop Stoppers fit

03-02-2007, 16:50
I just got my DriDucks (formerly DropStoppers) suit in the mail, and its waaaaayyyyy too big. I knew that these are cut strangely, but this is just outrageous. Going by the chart listed on BPL, I chose the proper size for me, but this just won't work. I'm 6'1", 165 lbs, but I think that most of my height comes from my legs, not really torso, which may alter size choice. I'm pretty sure I could go down to a Medium, but mainly concerned about the sleeve length, although on the Large I probably have 1-2" to spare. I measure 20" from armpit to wrist. Is anyone else about my size, who is using a smaller size jacket from these guys? Overall I was surprised that the fabric is more durable than I was expecting. Really hope that the smaller size will fit better, but right now, this thing looks more like a rain coat than a rain jacket. Really long too, way down past thighs. This is the downfall of ordering clothing online.