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03-04-2007, 00:48
Baltimore (Bill) sent my wife and I a note today with a picture of himself smiling by the sign at the top of Katahdin. Made our day. We had wondered if Baltimore had made it all the way, his third thru. Also sent us an excerpt from his (handwritten) journals, the pages mentioned mentioning us, the pages from his ascent to the terminus. His journal is a good read.

We met Baltimore May 1, 2006. Saw him with his pack hitching down the road toward Erwin. Tall, lanky guy, long stride. I stopped because I figured he was a thru hiker, and plus I had seen him at the Mayor's hoedown we had just attended. The mayor of Unicoi hosts a bluegrass party first Saturday in May.

Baltimore is the first thru hiker I had met. First time I ever saw a Vapour Trail pack. First time I ever got to ask a thru hiker questions. I could sense the first 30 days had been tough for him but he was determined to make it. Since he's within a few years of our age, we were very curious: Would he make it all the way to Katahdin?

I'm mentioning this here because trail magic works two ways.

Thanks, Baltimore.

And it's good to hear he will "definitely be attempting it again", because, as he says: "I know what I like, and that's the A.T. It's special in every way."

TJ aka Teej
03-04-2007, 09:30
I'm mentioning this here because trail magic works two ways.

It sure does! Summit photos and postcards sent back to those who helped hikers on their way are aways well recieved, way to go, Baltimore!