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08-08-2003, 16:14
On the weekend of October 17-19, there will be a conference held in Monteagle, Tennessee at the DuBose Conference Center. The theme for the weekend is "Connecting People and Places along Southeastern Foot Trails".

There wil be some great entertainment including Walkin' Jim Stoltz, and the Piney Ridge Bluegrass Band, along with guided hikes atop the Cumberland Plateau, and educational sessions.

For more info, please check out the following web site;


This conference is part of the Southern Appalachians Initiative, which seeks to take pressure off of the AT by building a 5,000-mile interconnected network of hiking trails in the Southeast. When the network is complete, there will be a Western Appalachian Alternative available to hike.

For more info about the initiative, please visit the following web site;


Jeffrey Hunter

05-24-2010, 11:55
I just returned from attending the 2010 SEFTC at Monteagle. There's a lot of good information there and fellowship for active trail volunteers.

Darcy is obviously a great organizer - it was no sweat for her apparently to accommodate me at the last moment in the historic confines of DuBose. I'd driven past Monteagle many times and never got off.

Unfortunately my time was limited so I wasn't able to take full advantage. Missed MOWGLI this year but I did get to meet Sgt Rock.

I wish we had something similar in the mid-Atlantic states. Volunteers' time is so precious that it's best if we stop reinventing wheels and get together with some good music and fellowship.