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03-09-2007, 06:57
Does anyone have any hands-on experience with this newest and brightest development of the LED light? I am somewhat of a 'lightaholic' and am just on the verge of plunging for one.

It seems to come in three primary forms, the Fenix L1D using just 1 AA battery (or L2D with two), the LOD CE with one AA or the one I am leaning towards, the P1D CE using a cr123 battery.

They are all regulated and have multiple intensities of varying duration and are fiercely bright for such a tiny package. I dont like headband light sources much anymore as their use is confined mostly for the head. These new lights appear, from the stats, to have an almost magical light output.

There are a few of eBay sources for them, but nobody says much about them. Is it because they are so new or what?

03-09-2007, 07:00
Fenix Cree LED homepage:


But there are a few of eBay stores selling, as well as Amazon.

The Old Fhart
03-09-2007, 08:32
To use one AA battery (1.5volts) to keep the weight and size down, LED flashlight makers like Fenix have to use electronics to convert that voltage to a higher voltage required to operate the LED. This could be about 2.4 volts for a conventional LED or 3.9volts for the Luxeon III. There are several makers that use this method but there are some drawbacks. First is that at the high light output a single AA battery will operate the Fenix AA light for about 1 hour. Next is that some of these lights (Fenix P1D) use 123 photo batteries which are as easy to find in smaller stores. Third is the higher cost of the light, typically $40+.

If you want to try a flashlight like this, Walmart sells the Coast LED Lenser 1.5 watt flashlight that uses 3 bright white leds and runs off one AA battery for under $20. One advantage of this light at Walmart is that you can try an actual light at the store and see if it what you want. The weight with battery is under 3 ounces.