View Full Version : Eureka! 'how to squat in the woods'

08-12-2003, 23:19
My work brings me few pleasures, but one I do enjoy is taking a newly installed toilet for its cresenting use :D. I work as a plumber's assistant.

Today, I was in need of the facilities but the bowl was without a seat. No bother at least I'm not squating in the woods. Where when going, my quads would begin burning and I wonder "did i make the shot?" :mad:

So as I sat straight onto the bowl I first thought to myself this isn't impossible, nor uncomfortable. Next thought, "why do girl's complain so if the seat is left up?" :P . Then hey at least i'm not in the woods.

:banana AND then as if, or possibly truely, revealed by the Lord Creator I had an idea. A vision if you will. Why not use a trekking pole, propped under an armpit or both pits to support my body weight? "V" the poles to the sides and lean some in to them. I think it is a marvelous idea in principle. And i'll give a full report after my next outing.

I do not have any recollection of reading or hearing of this idea anywhere else. But that doesn't mean that someone else hasn't thought of this (e.g. the number zero was invented three times around the world in different cultures).

08-13-2003, 15:55
No need for burning thighs in the woods. Go into a complete squat rather than a partial. Your butt will be close to the ground over your cathole, your hamstrings will be resting on your calves with your weight centered over the balls of your feet. You can squat this way for a LONG time without fatigue since all the support is direct bone to bone support.

08-13-2003, 20:28
Originally posted by cburnett
Why not use a trekking pole, propped under an armpit or both pits to support my body weight?As soon as you try to wipe, you'd fall over.

:banana :banana :banana :D